After you configure LACP (LAG) on the switches Juniper EX3300-24T and Cisco Catalyst 3560 interface is in status down.
If you try to watch statistic (LACP) can see error: device ae1 not found in Juniper. From Cisco side was written
(Gi0/2 suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the remote port) – on remote port doesn’t set up.

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Cisco – Juniper LACP

Example of working configuration aggregated interface  (LACP) on switches Juniper EX3300-24T and Cisco Catalyst 3560.

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is part of an IEEE specification (802.3ad) that allows you to bundle several physical ports together to form a single logical channel. LACP allows a switch to negotiate an automatic bundle by sending LACP packets to the peer.

Configuration of Cisco:

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After installation Windows 10 Technical Preview all drivers installed automatically. But AMD driver has one bad feature – it’s set on scaling ( picture not in full screen). To treat it y must turn off scaning in AMD (Radeon) Catalyst Control Center, which did’nt instaled. You can see error after launching last version of installator  (amd-catalyst-14-9-win7-win8.1-64bit-dd-ccc-whql.exe)
NSIS Error: Error launching installer
Window with error

This error treating by changing in system locale

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Adding swap in openSUSE

Was downloaded Zabbix Appliance 2.2.1(.vmdk) on base OpenSuSE Linux. Installing and running was ok,But the system of monitoring are conflicted on the one’s own server: “Lack of free swap space on Zabbix server“. After entering  in server with help of commands free -tom  and swapon -s was detected that there is no swap: Continue reading Adding swap in openSUSE

Sending mail TELNET with authorization

For checking SNMP service, or another post server, better use Telnet. Will make an example mail with authorization.

Connecting Telnet to server:

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