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First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today

Today, we reach our next milestone as the first major update to Windows 10 is now available* for PCs and tablets. With this update, there are improvements in all aspects of the platform and experience, including thousands of partners updating their device drivers and applications for great Windows 10 compatibility. Windows 10 also starts rolling out to Xbox One today and select mobile phones soon.

But most importantly, with this free update we have reached the point in the platform’s maturity where we can confidently recommend Windows 10 deployment to whole organizations.

Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586
Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586

Why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 pc

Why isn’t Cortana in my region or language?

Cortana is available in the following countries/regions: China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. Cortana is available in these languages: Chinese (Simplified), English (U.K.), English (U.S.), French, Italian, German, and Spanish
To use Cortana, all these settings must be set to the same language: Continue reading Why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 pc

Defer upgrades in Windows 10

Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your PC. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available.

Defer upgrades in Windows 10


After installation Windows 10 Technical Preview all drivers installed automatically. But AMD driver has one bad feature – it’s set on scaling ( picture not in full screen). To treat it y must turn off scaning in AMD (Radeon) Catalyst Control Center, which did’nt instaled. You can see error after launching last version of installator  (amd-catalyst-14-9-win7-win8.1-64bit-dd-ccc-whql.exe)
NSIS Error: Error launching installer
Window with error

This error treating by changing in system locale

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